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Samera are experts in Dental Practice Sales.

In 2016 Samera Practice Sales sold and facilitated the exchange of contracts for more than £16m worth of deals.  We also valued in excess of £100m worth of dental practices.

Making us one of the most significant dental sales agencies in the UK.

What happened in 2016 in the dental market?                                       

For the very first time since 2006, we saw the withdrawal of Mydentist from their acquisitions strategy, joining Southern Dental. We also saw the news of BUPA acquiring Oasis for an unprecedented price tag.

Big news on the dental market activity, but what does this mean to prospective buyers and sellers in the UK?    

Only 12% of the dental market is corporate owned and every year there are 700+ dental practices coming to the market for 3500+ active buyers, so demand is still outstripping supply.

The general view about the proposed Dental NHS contract reforms is that no changes are going to become effective until at least 2020, but with no direct effect on the funding, the main change could potentially be the increasing cost of running a practice, meaning that owners would have to adapt to a new way of running them.

Overall valuations of dental practices increased by 22% last year, with the deal values growing by 3% year on year.

The market is very active and dynamic and there is a great demand for both NHS and private practices.

What is happening right now in Dental Practice Sales ?    

We have seen a lot of consolidation over 2016 and there are talks about even more consolidations taking place now and in the coming months. Private equity investors see the lack of activity from the largest dental groups as an opportunity to enter the market and to begin buy and build projects.

There is still demand for all types of dental practices. In particular large NHS contracts, mixed practices in the right locations and high-end private practices.

What has changed from the past and what does the future of the dental market hold?  

The Mydentist group took the operational decision to scrutinise the practices not performing at the level that they should be. Sources have informed us that they will be trying to sell some of their underperforming practices before reconsidering further expansion.

Some of the other groups with 8-12 practices are also doing the same as Mydentist, whilst others continue to acquire.

Some larger groups such as Portman and Rodericks are continuing their organic growth in a steady way.

The exit of the busiest buyers has not affected activity in the general dental market.

The only exception is a handful of small practices in more remote and hard to reach locations, who have lost 1 or 2 of their buyers. For all other practices, it’s business as usual.

We offer a tailor-made service and would be delighted to help you plan your Dental practice sale, or Dental acquisition. Our valuation approach to Dental practices is realistic, and we offer all potential sellers a free valuation of their practice.

In addition, through our sister business, Samera Finance Ltd, we can help buyers secure finance on favourable terms.