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If you are seeking Dental Practices for sale we can help you. Samera are experts in Dental Practice Sales.

If you are seeking to buy or sell a dental practice you are in the right place. We work with both sellers and buyers to help each party secure the right deal for our clients.

In 2016 Samera Practice Sales sold and facilitated the exchange of contracts for more than £16m worth of deals.  We also valued in excess of £100m worth of dental practices.

Making us one of the most significant dental sales agencies in the UK.

Dental Practices for Sale

In the last few years, we have seen considerable consolidation in the industry and we forecast for this to continue. The volume of Dental Practices for sale continues to grow and over the next few years, we anticipate newer Dental Corporates to emerge.

Private equity investors see the lack of activity from the largest dental groups as an opportunity to enter the market and to begin to buy and build projects. Whilst first time individual buyers seeking to get onto the ladder of practice ownership and small groups aspire to expand their portfolio.

There is still demand for all types of Dental practices. In particular large NHS contracts, mixed practices in the right locations and high-end private practices.

How can we help Dental Practice Sellers?

For any individual or group considering a sale, we can help.

If you are seeking to sell your practice in the near future we are perfectly placed to provide you with a free market valuation of your practice. We can then market this to our buyers, or target key buyers we know that are specifically seeking a practice like yours.

For further details on a free valuation please visit our valuation page.

Improving your Dental practice profits before selling

Alternatively, you may not be quite ready to sell your practice and feel that in maybe a couple of years the timing maybe better.

If this is the case, our Dental Practice Profit Improvement Programme may suit your needs. This 12-month in depth financial programme is designed to increase the profits of your practice before you sell, helping to ensure you obtain the best deal available in the market. For further details please find out more here.

How can we help Dental Practice Buyers?

By registering with us you can ensure you are regularly updated with practices we are selling. Our current list of Dental practices for sale is available here.

The Dental Associate Buyers Service

We have found that many Dentists are often too busy to find a suitable practice to acquire. Therefore, our Dental Associate Buyers Service has been designed to help you find a practice that meets your needs, at your budget. For a small monthly fee, we can assist you to find the right practice for you, at the right price.

Details about the Dental Associate Buyer service are available here. 

Client Feedback

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